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Red Reflet Guest Ranch

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Horseback Riding Tips for Beginners

Horseback riding is an activity synonymous with a Wyoming ranch vacation. This is how the natural beauty of the state is best experienced. Visitors of all skill levels should experience this unique adventure. Whether or not you’ve been horseback riding for years, there are some universal tips. Before starting your horseback riding journey, take a look at these three steps to make things a bit easier. 

Come Prepared

Preparation is a key factor for horse riding beginners—and experts for that matter. In order to have a safe ride, you’ll need to wear riding boots and a helmet. Safety should be a priority and these items help ensure that you’re protected in case of a fall. Making sure you’re dressed appropriately can also make or break your riding experience, too. The weather at Red Reflet Ranch is usually very warm in the summer, so make sure to apply sunscreen before riding on a sunny day! We require our guests to wear riding boots, but we supply additional boots—if needed—as well as safety equipment.

Find Your Balance

Without going too deep into the more advanced mechanics of horseback riding, balance is a key component needed to master it. Many people who have an unpleasant first experience are often plagued by struggling to get stable, resulting in a bumpy, unpleasant ride. The first step to becoming proficient in riding is getting settled once you’re on the horse. It’s easy to rush into wanting to start riding—especially if you’re surrounded by people who are experienced—but getting used to balancing on a saddle is the best first step.

Proper posture is important while riding. Sitting up straight and relaxing your legs allows for better control of the horse. From there, you can begin to work on your balance on a moving horse. Getting used to the movement takes a bit, but being comfortable on your horse is important for both your overall enjoyment and safety. It’s also an important step for allowing your horse to become comfortable. At Wyoming’s Red Reflet Ranch, we have horses for every skill level, as well as lessons that can improve your balance.


Many beginners tend to tense up when starting to ride. Their grip is too tight, they sit incorrectly on the saddle, and are generally not comfortable. Not only are they having a less enjoyable time, but it also doesn’t help with balance, riding form, or anything else. Horseback riding should be fun and relaxing. Starting your ride relaxed and prepared allows you to focus on riding. For horseback riders at Red Reflet Ranch, the Wyoming wilderness is something you’ll want to fully experience. Don’t stress and enjoy the ride.

As one of the many activities at The Red Reflet Ranch luxury dude ranch, horseback riding is something our guests never forget. Exploring Wyoming on horseback is a must-experience activity and we’re happy to help you master riding to experience it. Check out our rates or contact us today for more information!