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5 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding on a Ranch

A destination ranch wedding is a unique and fun way to celebrate one of life’s most exciting events. In order to create this perfect wedding, it’s important to have the perfect plan. Planning a wedding is often difficult, but it’s always worth it. At the end of the day, your special moment should be everything you’ve worked hard for. 


Here are 5 tips for planning the perfect ranch wedding.


Choose a Convenient Ranch


One of the perks of hosting a wedding at a destination ranch is the private, cozy feel. Unfortunately, this also means they can be hard to reach. Depending on the number of your guests—as well as where they live—ranches can often be inconvenient. Accounting for guest travel is key for anyone planning a wedding.


Finding ranches that are easily accessible ensures that guests don’t have to worry about arranging complicated travel plans. A convenient ranch is easily accessible by airport or other major cities and towns. For example, Red Reflet Ranch is within driving distance of airports in Cody, Casper, Billings, and Sheridan. It even features its own private airport, as well.


Find the Perfect Wedding Date


Many ranches are open for visitors year-round, but it’s up to you to decide the best season to host a wedding. In the summer, ranches have a wide range of activities for guests, and having an outdoor wedding allows for gorgeous, unmatched photos. The winter also offers a picturesque scene you’ll never forget, but Red Reflet Ranch still offers riding, shooting, archery, snow-shoeing, and use of snowmobiles in an amazing landscape. 


The period between late May and early June provides the best time for a spring wedding. Between the beautiful Wyoming weather and the beautiful wildflowers offer a one-of-a-kind backdrop for the special occasion.

Check What Ranches are Equipped for Weddings


Many ranches offer weddings, but are they capable of taking care of everything you need? Make sure the ranch you’re looking at has the staff and experience needed to ensure everything operates smoothly. Find a ranch that helps you customize things to your liking and features a full team to cater to both your requests and any guest needs. If your guest list is small, the size of the venue won’t matter, but large groups should adjust accordingly. 


If the wedding is under 30 people, Red Reflet Ranch is the perfect destination. Weddings would have the whole ranch to enjoy and you’re even able to plan several days of activities before the big day. This combines the best of a ranch vacation with the excitement of a destination wedding.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions


A lot of the stress from wedding planning comes from uncertainty. To take some of the worries out of the decision-making process, reach out to the ranch and see if they can offer any guidance. Red Reflet Ranch is ideal as they will take care of all the logistics before your arrival. The perfect ranch venue will have had experience setting up countless dream weddings and more than likely has the answers to your biggest questions. Finding the right ranch may seem difficult, but a responsive and helpful staff is always a good sign you’ve found your match.


Customize Your Ranch Wedding


A major benefit of ranch weddings is that no two look alike. The ideal ranch venue is able to provide any level of luxury and customizability that you desire. Ranging from a rustic feel to a more sophisticated setup, a ranch wedding is the perfect setting to adapt for whatever you’d like. Work with the ranch’s staff to help curate what’s possible in their wedding space.

If you’re still looking for the ideal ranch wedding venue, Wyoming’s Red Reflet Ranch has everything you need for the perfect wedding day. With an accomodating staff to assist you, dozens of activities for guests, and luxury accommodations including romantic chalets for before and after the wedding, everything you need is here on the ranch. Contact Red Reflet Ranch today at 866.766.2340 or email  for more information!