Located 5 miles from the Lodge on Ranch property, exists a 5,000′ runway and hangar for guests of Red Reflet Ranch who wish to fly directly to the ranch. The Ranch can arrange flights from your home base, Denver, Billings, Salt Lake City, Casper, Sheridan or Riverton. Guests may use the private airport but must obtain prior permission from the ranch and complete a release form in order to access the runway with a private or Charter aircraft. Fuel (AV Gas and Jet A) are available onsite at market prices. 


Flying Lessons

For those who want to build a vacation around flying, this is the place. The private airport has a 5,000′ paved runway with a GPS approach and runway lighting.

Another option is a mountain-flying seminar up close and personal. The local area provides the perfect environment to experience the intricacies of mountain flying with a highly experienced instructor by your side.

Want a bigger challenge? Earn your Citation type rating in a CE-501. We can schedule an initial or recurrent training program with all of the training done at the ranch. The ranch’s relationship with a Wyoming-based DPE and FAAST briefing member can even augment your own pilot safety presentations as a guest speaker. Perhaps the best part is that non-flying partners have plenty to enjoy while their in-the-cloud companions are doing what they love.

Red Reflet Ranch (WY00) – Ten Sleep, WY

Navaid: VOR RLY

Freq: 114.8

Radial: 077°

Distance: 24.5 nm

ATC: Salt Lake City Center 133.25/127.75

WX Contacts: ASOS at Worland (WRL) 135.475 (307) 347-4217 No local altimeter

Note: Winds & altimeter often quite different at the airport (WY00)

Traffic Patterns: All Aircraft 6000 MSL within 3 nm of airport

Obstructions: Rising terrain in all directions, Visual illusions likely due to uneven terrain in all directions, and narrow runway with steep grade of 2.8% up hill to the east. Use caution for birds & deer in vicinity.

Runways: 10-28 5000 X 75 asphalt. Runway 10 threshold displaced 200 feet, Terrain. Runway 28 down slope.

Communication Frequencies: CTAF 122.9, FSS Casper 122.4, Salt Lake Center 135.25/127.75

Lights: Pilot Controlled 3° PLASI: 122.9 On – 5 clicks in 5 seconds.

Suitable Alternates: WRL – RIW – CPR – SHR – GEY

Manager Phone : 307-366-2340

Fax: 307-366-2341

Charts: CHEYENNE; L9

Approaches: RNav Rwy 10 (call for specifics)

FSS: CASPER 866-227-7498

Fuel: 100LL & Jet-A (with prior coordination)

  • Normal procedure is to land runway 10 and depart runway 28.
  • Private use, prior permission REQUIRED. Please call 307-366-2015 (alternate 307-366-2340) 48 hours in advance. Signed Release Form required before use.
  • No medical facilities or emergency equipment available.
  • Taxiway is 30 feet wide.
  • Information is current as of June 2016. Please call for updates.
  • Elevation: 4623 ft.
  • Planes over 12,500GW normally use Worland, WY (WRL)
  • Airport is on the AirNav website