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A destination ranch wedding is a unique and fun way to celebrate one of life’s most exciting events. In order to create this perfect wedding, it’s important to have the perfect plan. Planning a wedding is often difficult, but it’s always worth it. At the end of the day, your special moment should be everything you’ve worked hard for.    Here are 5 tips for planning the perfect ranch wedding.   Choose a Convenient Ranch   One of the perks of hosting a wedding at a destination ranch is the private, cozy feel. Unfortunately, this also means they can be hard to reach. Depending on the number of

Red Reflet Ranch is fortunate to be located at the base of one of Wyoming’s most breathtaking mountain ranges, Bighorn Mountains. From incredible nature experiences to breathtaking views, there is no shortage of reasons to enjoy what the area has to offer. The beauty of the mountains has drawn visitors for years, regardless of their previous love of the outdoors. If you enjoy relaxation, adventure, exercise, or exploration, this is a must-visit destination. Vacationing at a private ranch provides guests with countless activities to enjoy, but these mountains open up even more opportunities for the family, small groups, or even solo. While staying

Whether you’re an expert home chef or just learning the basics, cooking is a lot more fun when you’re with a group. Cooking classes are the perfect way to combine the fun of making food with the benefits of learning from a professional. These classes are great for families, couples, friends, or anyone looking to learn more about preparing delicious meals, desserts, or appetizers.   Taking a cooking class while on vacation is a unique way to spend an afternoon and bond with your group. Choosing vacation activities is often as important as picking a vacation destination. In fact, Red Reflet Ranch offers special

Planning the perfect family ranch vacation is tough. You need to find a location that works with your family size, activities that everyone will enjoy, and accommodations that make for an unforgettable family vacation. Finding a getaway destination that meets all the requirements might be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. By following this checklist, you’ll identify a ranch that’s perfect for getting the most out of a family vacation. A Large Enough Ranch Whether you’re coming with a family of four or ten or more, the perfect ranch needs to have room to relax or explore. Families of all sizes often want to

What better way to spend this winter than at Wyoming’s premier guest ranch? Destress and have an amazing vacation with friends or family at the Red Reflet Ranch! While some states are less desirable during the colder months, Wyoming during winter remains the perfect destination for every kind of traveler. Combining picturesque winter scenery with the awesome activities available on the ranch, guests love this unique vacation idea.   Here are the top five winter activities for guests to enjoy at Red Reflet Ranch!   Snowmobiles   For our guests living in warmer climates, this winter activity is a must-experience this during your stay. After you get comfortable

Finding the best location for a ranch vacation isn’t easy. There are many guest ranches across the country, especially in Wyoming. As you begin doing research, many of them will share similar characteristics. A truly unique ranch vacation should have something memorable. Activities and amenities that you can’t find at most of the other guest ranches across the country.    Red Reflet Ranch in Ten Sleep, Wyoming offers a distinct, unforgettable experience found only here.    On-Site Ranch Airport   From the second you arrive, you’ll experience what makes Red Reflet Ranch stand out. Our ranch features a private airport for guests coming from Denver, Billings, Salt Lake

Horseback riding is an activity synonymous with a Wyoming ranch vacation. This is how the natural beauty of the state is best experienced. Visitors of all skill levels should experience this unique adventure. Whether or not you’ve been horseback riding for years, there are some universal tips. Before starting your horseback riding journey, take a look at these three steps to make things a bit easier.  Come Prepared Preparation is a key factor for horse riding beginners—and experts for that matter. In order to have a safe ride, you’ll need to wear riding boots and a helmet. Safety should be a priority and these

Many of our visitors are spending their first time at a dude ranch and are unsure of what to expect or even bring with them. The weather in Wyoming, along with the activities, requires particular clothing. While Red Reflet Ranch provides many necessities, here are some items that we recommend bringing with you to our ranch.   What to Pack for a Ranch Getaway   Slick-soled Riding shoes Comfortable shoes   If you’re planning on horseback riding, make sure to pack riding boots. This way you can safely enjoy our extensive riding facilities and experience the ranch from horseback. Also, make sure to bring a couple of