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Red Reflet Guest Ranch

Owl flying next to a canyon at the Red Reflet Ranch

Best Things to Do in Big Horn Mountains

Red Reflet Ranch is fortunate to be located at the base of one of Wyoming’s most breathtaking mountain ranges, Bighorn Mountains. From incredible nature experiences to breathtaking views, there is no shortage of reasons to enjoy what the area has to offer. The beauty of the mountains has drawn visitors for years, regardless of their previous love of the outdoors. If you enjoy relaxation, adventure, exercise, or exploration, this is a must-visit destination.

Vacationing at a private ranch provides guests with countless activities to enjoy, but these mountains open up even more opportunities for the family, small groups, or even solo. While staying at Red Refelt Ranch, here are some of the best things to do nearby in the Bighorn Mountains.


Hiking the trails through the mountains offers both a convenient way to experience some of the best sights, while also getting a fantastic workout. Bighorn National Forest includes 1,200 miles of trails, so the possibilities are endless. Try an afternoon hike, enjoy the sunset, and then return to the ranch for a delicious and expertly-crafted dinner. Alternatively, go for an early morning trek and see the mountains blanketed by the sunrise.

Some of our favorite spots to hike near the ranch include a former lion’s den, the beautiful canyons, and the high perches offering unreal views. Don’t just take our word for it, explore the trails for yourself and experience the waterfalls, lookouts, lakes, and historic landmarks for yourself!


There are few fishing spots in the world more picturesque than the lakes, rivers, and reservoirs found nestled between the Bighorn Mountains. For those looking for one of the hidden gems of the fishing world, look no further. All experience levels find something in Wyoming to love, whether it’s the variety of scenic locations or the abundance of trout. The Bighorn Mountains are the perfect place to create memories of teaching the family how to fish or spending hours relaxing in this peaceful environment.

Red Reflet Ranch provides guests with a practice pond for fly fishing, ranch ponds for panfish, or private streams for more experienced visitors. You can also request a list of the best local guides. Make sure to read up on and purchase the appropriate Wyoming fishing licenses if you plan on enjoying this activity.