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Are you adventurous, hard working and want to live Cowboy Ethics? Come join the Red Reflet Ranch for full time or part time employment in one of our departments. A list of available positions can be found down below.

The Red Reflet Ranch is an award winning guest ranch and working ranch of nearly 30,000 acres on the west slope of the Bighorn Mountains. We are currently searching for passionate associates to fill a variety of positions on our 2019 team. We value our employees as they are a fundamental part of the ranch experience.


As a valued member of the Red Reflet Ranch team, your employment will include:


- Live in the heart of Wyoming and experience the authentic Wild West from wild animals in the Bighorns to local rodeos and cattle events.

- Take part in ranch activities on your days off: horseback riding, zip lining, kayaking, natural waterpark, hiking on

- Gain valuable employment experience

- Connect with other like minded individuals and forge new friendships as you work together

- Enjoy competitive compensation including

- Seasonal Employees receive housing

- Hospitality employees receive gratuities in addition to salary


Important considerations


The Red Reflet Ranch is a NO TOBACCO RANCH for everyone - staff, guests and contract laborers such as electricians or workers providing other services.

- While the Guest Ranch is open all year, this main season is from May through September. The working Ranch is busy with cattle and alfalfa haying from April through October. Preference will be given to those applicants who can work the entire season.

- Red Reflet is an equal opportunity employer. Season and intern staff are provided housing, but not meals. A kitchen is available in the bunkhouses. Seasonal and intern staff are asked not to bring pets or firearms. Use or possession of state of Wyoming defined illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.


Application Instructions


- View employment opportunities and job descriptions . *NOTE: For all positions, priority will be given to applicants able to work the duration of the summer season, from mid-May to mid-October. Applicants must be 18 years or older by May 1, 2017 to be considered.

- Fill out an employment application. Either fill out online a SEASONAL STAFF or FULL TIME STAFF application.

- This application must be filled out in order for you to be considered for employment. Be sure to include phone numbers for all references and describe your work experience as detailed as possible. No interviews are given without an application.

- Please call the Ranch (307-366-2340) if you have any questions about our jobs, operation or  policies.

- Email resumes to Bob Kaplan at or fax it to 307-366-2341 or mail it to the Ranch: Attention Bob Kaplan, Red Reflet Ranch, 10 Lodge Road, Ten Sleep, WY 82442. Although a resume is not necessary, if you decide to send one, an application must be filled out as well.


Maintenance Supervisor

There are three major categories in the job description.

Number 1 is those essential to staying on the job, vital to it being done in a satisfactory manner.

Number 2 is only somewhat less important, needs to be addressed if deficient and be improved upon.  Failing to improve could lead to warning notices, no increases in salary, and ultimately dismissal.

Number 3 is areas that should be done well enough but would not lead to a more serious action if deficient.

Put another way, the Number one areas are the most important elements of the job and priority and attention should be focused on meeting these elements of the job.  The number 2 items need to be accomplished to do a very good job.  Number 3 items are less important and might be areas of improvement or done nicely, but won’t really influence a job review dramatically.


Category 1


1. Keep the Lodge and Guest Chalets in top shape.  Includes the high service items like hot tubs, steam showers, laundry, HVAC, water systems, fireplaces.

The kitchen, TV and dish, linen is done by Housekeeping.  The Lodge HVAC is complicated and needs service (under service contract by the installer) but temporary repairs and understanding filter  replacements and servicing of the components in the Lodge Utility room is important. Also the Lodge walk in coolers and freezers can be temperamental and an understanding of the common shortcoming of the systems and servicing them is important.

2. Maintain the facilities used by Ranch Guests in top shape and be able to instruct guests and staff under supervision on safe and enjoyable use of same. This is ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, mountain bikes, associated helmets, and gear, shooting range and firearms, water park, zip line course.  Staff hired to support this effort needs to be trained and supervised, but expect light staffing in the off season and largely a new crew in the spring.  The supervisor has input in this hiring, but it often is done with only a phone interviews and the Ranch job application.  It is hoped the assets of the Ranch over which supervision is made will be treated as if they were personally owned by the Supervisor.  Mean what you say;  Do what you say you will do.

3. Respond to Guest needs, either as “emergencies” arise in their Chalet or with the Ranch equipment they are using, or to interactions on the shooting Ranch, ATV or bike tours so they have a safe and enjoyable experience. There is quite a bit of interaction with our guests, so it is important that the Supervisor always speak well of the Ranch, staff, and overall experience for guests.  Expect what is said to the guests will be repeated to the owners the evening.  It is often necessary to slow down the guests (or their children) driving ATV’s or other vehicles, and this needs to be done promptly, politely, and clearly.  Do not be afraid to say NO if you hear a bad idea or plan.  Always ride for the Brand.

Category 2

4. To be a good supervisor requires being well organized, keeping inn your pocket a lists of things to do and waiting attention, parts, or outside support and good follow thru.  It requires being patient with staff and good teacher (with follow up).
5.  Keep the Ranch public spaces, VRBO, Rental House, and employee houses in good shape and getting to these projects in a timely fashion, not frustrating staff with things they need that are not repaired, while keeping the Maintenance staff supervised well directed and on the proper priorities.
6.  Get and give help where needed to do your job well and assist others with their jobs on the Ranch.  Be a Team player .
Category 3
7. Keep the staff ATV’s in good, safe working order.
8. Plow snow, supervise the lawn care and weed control, supervise the trash dump runs, oversee firewood stocks for the Lodge.
9. Keep housing, vehicles, and equipment assigned to Supervisor in top shape and, again, treated as if owned.


Activities Guide

ATV / Dirt Bike servicing and Trail guide should be able to do minor repairs, be an experienced rider, and safe, mature guide for inexperienced and young riders. All guests have a full time ATV and often drive beyond their abilities, so the guide needs to be a good communicator and leader so our guests have a safe experience. Will also assist on our ZIP line, on the CLIMBING WALL, and at the SHOOTING RANGE. Experience in most if not all of these areas is an important consideration for employment. Two positions open.



As a RRR Wrangler, you are responsible for caring for horses, leading guests on trail rides, giving instruction, and general ranch chores. Chores may include cleanup, toting 75# hay bales, fence repair, cleaning tack and use of tractors. Horse shoeing skills and experience will get special consideration. Must be a team player, have a positive attitude, be willing to take direction and work hard. You must possess a valid driver’s license - experience hauling large trailers and ability to drive a manual transmission will receive special consideration.


Food & Beverages

Kitchen and wait staff for up to 24 for lunch and dinner, working with executive chef, sous chef and pastry chef to support very high level meal service.

- As a Server, you are responsible for providing the highest level of food/beverage presentation and friendly service to all guests. Previous serving or bartending experience is valued and you should be prepared to provide luxury service standards. You have excellent customer service skills and work diligently to anticipate and exceed guest expectations.

- As a Dishwasher, your responsibilities include but are not limited to: maintaining cleanliness and sanitation standards for china, glassware, tableware, cooking utensils, etc. using machine and manual cleaning methods, gathering and taking out trash and recycling, and ensuring the ranch’s multiple kitchen areas are maintained as clean, safe and sanitary facilities. You will also assist with setting up dining and event venues when needed.

- As a Sous Chef, you must have great range of culinary skill, desire to receive direction and feedback from the senior leadership and the ability to supervise and teach with a cool and collected demeanor. This is a great intermediate opportunity for aspiring professional culinarians looking to advance their understanding of kitchen management. Previous sous chef experience is preferred.

- As the Pastry Chef, you are responsible for creating all baked goods and desserts. You have a strong knowledge and understanding of menus, production sheets and guests needs. Previous kitchen pastry experience is required and high altitude baking experience is preferred. We often have guests who would like to learn about baking, so you should be prepared for baking and party lessons.


Red Reflet Ranch is a tobacco free establishment
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