Cuisine, A Family Tradition

Mealtime is always memorable at the Red Reflet Ranch, as in season, almost everything on the table has been grown or raised on the Ranch, then prepared by our resident executive chef, Clint Loftin and our pastry chef, Stephanie Shaw. Produce can come from our greenhouse, garden and orchard. Beef is ranch raised, and aged to be savory and tender. We also serve organic free-range chickens and eggs. The surrounding area has abundant elk, deer, antelope, pheasant, grouse, and rabbit and meals often include wild game.

Breakfast is typically spent in your chalet. Each chalet is stocked with food and beverages prior to your arrival, making breakfast in bed a convenient possibility.

Depending on your daily activity schedule, lunches can take place in a variety of locations around the ranch.

One of our family traditions is to prepare the evening meal together, and Red Reflet guests are invited to participate in this special time. Ranch dinners begin around 7:00pm in the lodge and are tailored to meet the guests’ desires and preferences. On most nights, you will dine with the owners and other guests, however, there are several other options available such as: dinner at the Mountain Cabin, barbeque dinners, and even private dinners in the chalet, based on availability.

A great deal of effort is taken to make every meal tasty, healthful, and unique. Every effort will be made to accommodate your special dietary allergies and needs using our heart-healthy approach to fine dining.

We have an extensive wine cellar, many beers, cold drinks and a well-stocked bar. There are no extra charges for this hospitality. (Underage guests are expected to comply with Wyoming Law.)


Our resident executive chef, Clint Loftin