Elk & Deer Hunting


Hunting offers special opportunities for Non Residents (those that live outside of Wyoming), and Bob can help you navigate the complex rules of the Wyoming Game and Fish department for hunting on the ranch. Deer season and antler less elk season over lap October 15 -31 with very limited access for hunting on the Ranch at any one time.  Hunting for deer is both at the lower Ranch and on the high mountain ground. Antler less elk season begins on August 15 and ends in Late December.  In early season the elk are on the high mountain ground, and on lower elevations in late season with snow levels being the motivating factor to move animals to lower ground.

We have some hunting dates available for returning guests to hunt on the Ranch (with a very limited number of hunters at any one time).  Licenses are available on sale at Wyoming Game & Fish Department website or by calling 307-777-4600.  Credit cards accepted by them.

Antlerless Elk Licenses: 800 are issued for area 49 (Red Reflet is all within this area) and offered for sale until the end of May.  Then unsold licenses are sold on a first come first served basis on July 13.  Cost is $288 for a non resident adult, a bit less for a youth.  Almost 700 have gone on sale in the past at this time and they are usually sold out before the season begins (August 15). The season ends In the third week of December. Archery, cross bow, rifle, black powder are all allowed with this tag anytime in the season.
Any Deer Licenses: Type M: also 800 are issued for the several hunt units in M,  including area 40 (Red Reflet is all within this area).  The unsold licenses are on sale at WY Game and Fish web site on July 6.  Cost is $312 for a non resident adult, again less for a youth.  This season is short, from October 15 - October 31.  It does overlap the Antler less elk season, so it is possible to hunt both elk and deer within the deer season. 
A Conservation stamp ($12.50) is also required for hunters and available on line at WY Game & Fish.  
Any elk licenses (Bull or cow elk) are sold out in the initial lottery; it can take several years of preference points to draw in our area.