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Local Attractions

Local Attractions

Nearby are lakes, streams and trails of the 1,115,000 acre Big Horn National Forest and nearly 200,000 acres of the Cloud Peak Wilderness rising to 13,175′.

You can also enjoy a few local museums:

Ten Sleep Pioneer Museum – Ten Sleep

The Museum exhibits provide a look into everyday life of pioneer families, tools,  clothing and other items used to carve out a life in the rugged, old West. A special exhibits recreates the Spring Creek Raid, that took place on the Red Reflet Ranch marking a major turning point for relationships between sheepmen and cattlemen.

– Washakie Museum – Worland

– The Buffalo Bill Historical Center – Cody


Castle Gardens

Castle Gardens is an area of badlands topography seven miles southwest of Ten Sleep, a 25 minute drive from the Red Reflet Ranch. It was developed in the upper Cretaceous Teapot Sandstone – Member of the Mesaverde Formation. The distinctive, mainly white sands of the Teapot Member present a landscape of cliffs and towers resembling ramparts of a medieval castle. The name comes from rock formations composed of immature sandstone, a rock that is easily changed by many years of weathering. The odd shapes are known as hoodoos and there are many of them. The hoodoos can be accessed by climbing and the shapes range from castles to tables, chairs, surfboards, pedestals, mushroom caps, birds and animals. In fact maybe it is all in the eyes of the beholder which shape is which!! A fun activity for ALL ages.

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Washakie Museum, Worland, WY

Located 45 minutes from Red Reflet Ranch is the town of Worland, population about 5200. The exhibits at the Museum offer visitors an opportunity to understand how early settlers came to Wyoming and created lives for themselves with little knowledge of what to expect.

There is a major historical photograph collection together with exhibits specifically made for children to ‘touch’ and enjoy. There are ever changing art exhibits and learning programs for a complete grasp of the geology, paleontology and archeology of the region.

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Nature Conservancy Ten Sleep Preserve

The Conservancy land lies about 10 miles from Ten Sleep and there is easy access from the Ranch. There is an abundance of wild flowers and animals in the many canyons of the Preserve. A twelve-mile stretch of Canyon Creek, slicing deeply through the southwestern flanks of the Bighorn Mountains. Ancient pictographs and Native American gathering sites reveal a long history between people and the land. The ecological richness that first attracted people here continues to attract visitors to the preserve, which is open to the public. Escorted tours are conducted by Nature Conservancy staff and reservations are required.

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Dinosaur Dig

Diplodocus, Allosaurus, Camarasaurus – Dinosaur species that conjure up fascination for all ages!

Located a 25 minute ride from Red Reflet Ranch, more than 11 complete dinosaur remains have been unearthed since 2006. Weather and scheduling permitted, the Dana Quarry, part of the Morrison Formation near Ten Sleep provides an exceptional opportunity for families to view a live dinosaur dig where paleontologists unearth bones dating back 150 million years ago.


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