Wildlife On The Ranch

More than 300 elk live on and pass through the Ranch all year long. They have few predators in this area; there are no grizzly bears, very few wolves, and the scant number of black bears nearby are very shy and seldom seen.

Many mule deer and pronghorn (commonly called antelope) live in our irrigated alfalfa fields and on the mountain adjoining our upper ranch. Daily sightings are common. Red Reflet Ranch is also home to lots of small critters – foxes, marmots, prairie dogs, coyotes, raccoons and even an occasional skunk. Many raptors also frequent the area.

The Ranch has a large pheasant population living on Spring Creek. The population is supplemented annually, but the pheasants also breed naturally. Hungarian partridge and chukkas are mostly seen at the lower ranch, and grouse and prairie chickens live on the upper ranch.

Wildflower bloom starts early in the Big Horn Mountains and the varied elevations, from 4500′ to 8300′, ensure a long flower season: from May through July around the Ranch, and longer in the nearby Cloud Peak Wilderness area (up to 13,000′). Some of the more beautiful species you will encounter are Spring Beauty, Lupines, Buckwheat, Yellow Bell, Columbines, Alpine Wallflowers, Balsam Roots, Black-eyed Susans, Larkspur, Showy Fleabane and Blanket Flower, to name but a few. We also have books and posters to help you identify many more of our local wildflowers.

We are very happy to have as our neighbor, the Nature Conservancy Preserve of Ten Sleep, an 8,500-acre sanctuary for protected wildlife. Their literature and self-guided tours provide a unique experience for guests who wish to better appreciate the wildlife and flowers in our neighborhood.

Owl flying next to a canyon at the Red Reflet Ranch
Butterfly standing on a yellow flower

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