Red Reflet in the Press

VUE Magazine

September 2018

A Wyoming Ranch’s Refreshing Take on the Western Vacation Read More

Women Fitness Magazine

August 2018

Women Fitness Magazine has named Red Reflet one of the top 20 fitness getaways for 2018. This article will be featured in the August 2018 issue. Read More

Millennium Magazine

June 2018

From the moment you arrive at Red Reflet Ranch, one is spellbound. Though Millennium Magazine has visited many luxury family-friendly vacation spots, we had no idea what a delight was in store for us. Read More

Wingman Magazine

Spring 2018

Red Reflet in Ten Sleep, Wyoming is a ranch for the senses. It's where a few hardworking individuals have mastered the art of hospitality to showcase some of America's most breathtaking scenery and recreational offerings. Read More

7 Pilot-Friendly Vacation Destinations

March 1, 2018

Cessna Citation pilots Bob and Laurence Kaplan offer an all-inclusive luxury ranch experience at their Red Reflet Guest Ranch, which has a private 5,000-foot paved runway with GPS approach and lighting. A working cattle ranch, Red Reflet is near Ten Sleep, Wyoming, at the base of the Big Horn Mountains. The Kaplans bought the 27,000 acres in 2001 and opened the year-round guest ranch in 2005. Read More

Escape to the Wild West

March 1, 2018

I’m road roaming in Wyoming in the old Wild West – on a wild safari as the dirt road zig-zags in front of my car, then disappears over a steep hill. I’m on Slip Road, one of those GPS infamous shortcuts that promises to save you 10 minutes and invariably ends up costing you two extra hours of driving. And sometimes burst springs or tyres. Read More

The Wild, Wild West

January 2018

We are at Wyoming’s Red Refl et Ranch and this is part of a guest experience which essentially lets us play at being cowboys. Over three days, we’ll ride horses and eat elk steaks, visit ancient saloons and scare deer from our quadbikes. A sense of edgy competition is never far away. Each night the vastness of the sky allows the sun to linger long enough to turn the red rocks of this prehistoric place every warm shade on the palette. Read More


November 7, 2017

If either seeing the most remote corners of the Earth or contemporary cities do not pique your interest, how about indulging the senses at a luxury ranch in Wyoming and enjoy the American West. Surrounded by the most spectacular scenery, Red Reflet Ranch combines five-star accommodations, first-class cuisine, an enviable list of activities to pursue from horseback riding to fishing, shooting or even preparing gourmet food plus excellent amenities. Read More

Red Reflet Ranch Lets Guests Live The Western Lifestyle

October 27, 2017

Red Reflet Ranch in Ten Sleep, Wyo., is a ranch for the senses. With recreational offerings, organic gourmet cuisine and year-round luxury cabins, guests can savour exclusive experiences surrounded by breathtaking scenery — we’re talking rock climbs and cattle drives set against coral-coloured sandstone cliffs and the snow-capped peaks of Bighorn National Forest. Read More


January, 2017

Amateur Pilots Have A New Home On The Range



Wo ich meinen Traum ein Cowgirl zu werden begrub


September, 2016

Sustainable nature holidays on the rise