Ranch Homesteads

Extending the enjoyment and lifestyle of the ranch into the possibility of home ownership.

The homesteads of Red Reflet Ranch offer the same five-star service and recreations which embrace our resort guests, but without the restrictions of time. Whether you’re here for a week or an entire year, all the expected ownership comforts await, combined with access to our fully established ranch facilities. The Red Reflet Ranch is not like any other luxury retreat or western vacation. It’s a destination and a way of life. Build your western dream home at the Red Reflet Ranch and enjoy many special family experiences unique to Wyoming .

Homestead Development

The Red Reflet Ranch Homestead consists of twelve parcels, each ranging from 40 to 160 acres. Each parcel may contain one home, a guesthouse, a barn and a hangar pad adjacent to the private, restricted-use airport. Depending on the parcel selected, some hanger pads may be located on the parcel itself.

The cooperative tone of Red Reflet Ranch establishes a community with total respect for its neighbors and natural surroundings. The parcels were strategically divided to ensure scenic, unobtrusive views for each homeowner. In addition, a homeowner’s association will be established to guide incoming residents with building and landscaping plans, ensuring a standard in quality is maintained. This includes road and airport maintenance, trash removal, and measures to protect the natural environment.

Each homestead owner is responsible for obtaining water and sewer permits for the parcel and drilling a well to access the ranch’s natural water supply. Two wells currently serve two parcels. Power and telephone service is provided to the parcel boundary.

Ranch Living

Homestead owners enjoy exclusive ranch club privileges while at the ranch. They have access to all facilities including: pool, gym, tennis court, climbing walls, zip line course, volleyball and basketball courts, as well as unlimited horseback riding all year, both inside or outside. Owners may also participate in the ranch’s cattle operation by working alongside our cowboys during brandings, cattle drives, rodeos and all equine activities. Private horses may be boarded, trained, and exercised at the ranch.

As part of the ranch club privileges, owners may reserve the full services of the resort ranch at special rates, including meals prepared by the onsite chef, ranch activities, guides, and lessons. Entertaining also becomes a special event. With advanced reservations, your guests may also share the ranch’s recreations and amenities at ranch club rates.

Owners’ Clubs

As the property develops, the opportunity for several diverse owners’ clubs exists for residents. Depending on involvement and interests, these may include a cattle club for residents interested in developing their own small herd, an equestrian club to board and ride personal horses, a club for hunting big game, or any other club taking advantage of the activities and recreations unique to our ranch.

Private Airport

Each homestead owner will have a prorate share of the airport and common ground. Use of the airport is for homestead owners and ranch guests. Many guests fly to nearby hubs (Denver, Billings, Salt Lake City) and charter onto the ranch in an hour or less. A share of the upkeep will be born by each owner and managed by the homeowners association. The airport is not a public facility and its use is carefully monitored and restricted. There is fuel and an FAA approved instrument approach to the airport (WY00 is the designation).

Get Acquainted Rate

The Red Reflet Ranch invites those interested in a Ranch Homestead to visit the ranch at a special rate. This allows you time to experience the beauty of the area and enjoy the variety of activities available. Please call for details and additional information about the ranch and Homesteads.