A Place Of Privacy; A Place Affording Peace And Quiet

Where can you find peace, quiet, splendor, magnificence, pristine settings all at the same time? The list describes just one location – the Red Reflet Ranch in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. If you enjoy a common interest – artists and writers, boards of directors and therapists, yoga lovers and sports teams and you feel a desire to sink into a landscape that will encourage those interests, the Red Reflet Ranch is the place to come.

Acres of magnificent views and sheltered spots await you. Whether you plan the intensity of a ‘boot camp’ or the unstructured calm of contemplation, your community retreat will benefit from our wonderful surroundings. If you need the intensity of thought or the passion of action, you are welcome here.

From our Ranch staff to our beautiful herds of horses and cattle to our chickens, we all will ensure that your aspirations and interests are rewarded.