Seasonal Festivities

Seasonal Festivities

New Year's at the Ranch

Join us to celebrate the New Year with new adventures. Revitalize yourself with an onsite massage and seek solace from the snow in your own personal chalet with private-jetted hot tub and stocked wine bar. Delight in the festivities of New Year’s Eve with a special culinary experience created by our executive chef. And, of course, enjoy the private fireworks show in the gorgeous Wyoming night.

Ranch adventures include snowshoeing, horseback riding, target sports, snowmobiling, and sledding. The local ski-hill, Meadowlark, has some good runs if you're interested in downhill skiing in the Bighorns.

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Valentine's Day

Bring your sweetheart to the Red Reflet for Valentine's Day and enjoy the romance of the Bighorn Mountains with sunset cliffs, and a special Valentine's dinner complete with champagne and wine pairings.

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2019 Valentine's Dinner at Red Reflet Ranch


Memorial Day Weekend

Join us for Memorial Day Weekend and the Beauty & the Beast Rodeo! The Red Reflet Ranch is an active participant in the Ten Sleep Rodeos as many ranch employees are contestants in the local rodeo scene. Ten Sleep has hosted national rodeo events since 1908; in its infancy rodeo events were hosted by local ranchers where the audience watched from covered wagons. In 1947 the Ten Sleep rodeo grounds were built and now hosts several annual events. The "Beauty & the Beast" rodeo is held over Memorial Day Weekend. Over the past 12 years, many guests have signed up for the rodeo in barrel racing, mutton busting and the wild horse race....and some have even won events!


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Elk & Deer Hunting

Red Reflet Ranch does offer hunting with very limited access on the Ranch at an one time. Hunting is on the near 30,000 acres of the Ranch, and can be quite rigorous with hiking and stalking at the higher mountain elevation. The success rate of hunters on the Ranch is very high, but it seems to be a function of the time spent, so a 5 or 6 day hunt is recommended.

Wyoming Game and Fish regulations offer excellent opportunities for non-residents (those living outside of Wyoming or not having resided in the state for one full year), and owner, Bob Kaplan, can help you navigate their complex rules. The regulations are strict and enforced by the local Game Warden and carefully adhered to by Ranch personnel.

Deer season is from October 15 - October 31. Anterless Cow/Calf Elk season is from August 15 to late December, so the only overlap is October 15 - 31.

Regulations allow for archery, riffle and muzzle loader use at various times.

The Ranch reserves a limited number of hunting dates for returning guests to hunt on the Ranch (with a very limited number of hunters at any one time).  Licenses are available on sale at Wyoming Game & Fish Department website or by calling 307-777-4600.  Credit cards are accepted by them with a 2.5% fee.  They are also quite helpful to understand the regulations, application deadlines, and late application options.

Antlerless Cow/Calf Elk Licenses: 900 have been issued recently for area 49 (Red Reflet Ranch is all within this area) and offered for sale in a Lottery with a January 31 submission deadline and Results available on February 21.   Unsold licenses go on Sale in July.  Then unsold licenses are sold on a first come-first served basis in mid July and are usually sold out before the beginning of the season in mid August .   The license is a Reduced Price Cow/Calf  License and the cost is $303 in 2019, for a non-resident adult, and less for a youth.  The actual number of licenses issued is determined by WY Game & Fish biologists to manage herd size and usually only small adjustments are made from year to year.

Any Deer Licenses: Type M: Usually 1200 licenses are issued for the several hunt units in M, including area 40 (Red Reflet Ranch is all within this area) and the Lottery application deadline for these licenses is May 31 and results available June 20.  Any unsold licenses are on sale at WY Game and Fish website in July, but these licenses are usually sold out through the lottery.  Cost is $389 for a non-resident adult, less for a youth.  This season is short, from October 15 - October 31, (the local area is very crowded with hunters) and having access is very important for success.

A Conservation Stamp ($12.50) is also required for hunters and available on line at WY Game & Fish.

Any Elk licenses (often called a bull elk license) are sold out in the initial lottery; it can take several years of preference points to draw in our area.  It is possible to buy one of these sought after licenses at a fund raising dinner, such as Rocky Mountain Elk foundation might have, in many states and these prices will vary with the crowd and passion of the bidders.  Licenses are not transferable or refundable and it is not legal in Wyoming to sell hunting licenses to another individual.  Please note that every state sets its own game laws and what might be legal in Wisconsin or Minnesota has not bearing here. The

Red Reflet Ranch does have a butcher shop, cooler with a rail, equipment, and a fast freezer for hunters to process their harvest.

For more information or to make a reservation to hunt on the Red Reflet Ranch, please contact Bob Kaplan at 307 366 2340 or email him directly at


Deer walking in the nature at Red Reflet Ranch

Red Reflet Ranch is a tobacco free establishment
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