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Weddings & Events

Weddings & Events


As Luxurious, Unique, And Fun As You Want It To Be !

The Red Reflet Ranch offers the illusion of a far-flung designation without all the hassles. From the main deck overlooking the sunset colored canyon to the Mountain Cabin with views of the entire ranch, your wedding can be as luxurious, unique, and fun as you want it to be.

The Red Reflet Ranch offers a full staff to manage all the logistics of the day so you can concentrate on the experience. We’ll help you create a customized itinerary for the wedding party and your guests and our chalets are the perfect place to take in the romantic setting after the wedding is over with a fully stocked kitchen and private hot tub.

Enjoy a balance of decadence, adventure and relaxation in a destination that offers all the luxury, experience and grandeur you’ve dreamed about for your wedding.


For more info : 866.766.2340

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The Power Of Inclusivity

The essence of team building lies in the sharing of a common goal and where better than in “Cowboy Country”? The Red Reflet Ranch offers natural beauty which when combined with a choice of unlimited activities will create the right setting for creating the team, the goals, and the mission for any organization.

The “Code of the West” together with a tailored agenda and activities can be the force that helps a corporation move forward successfully. The Ranch contributes to an eco-friendly lifestyle by producing vegetables throughout the summer, having chickens for fresh eggs and using solar power where possible.

Working in the rugged charm of red rocks and offers the opportunity to experience many life activities, some of which are listed below. Many of these can be used to promote leadership, trust and the value of cohesiveness.

– Cattle team penning & working the Herd

– Listening to your horse to understand needs and moods

– Barrel racing

– Hiking and climbing

– Culinary challenges

– Sports such as volleyball, tennis, target shooting, mountain bike riding

With no compromise in quality, Red Reflet Ranch is always first class and its all-inclusive tariff will provide memories forever.

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Friends, Family, Special Interest…

Combine adventure with a bonding experience. A family vacation at the Red Reflet Ranch lets you concentrate of the experience and minimize logistics to optimize your time away.

The all-inclusive pricing structure and unlimited activities, guarantees that everyone in your group, young and old, will experience exactly the vacation they want. Group activities can also be scheduled giving you an opportunity to create a true family connection, blending outdoor adventure with real intellectual skill development.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, forging a new bond through shared adventure, discovery and learning, the Red Reflet Ranch is for you. Instead of bringing home a souvenir for your shelf, bring home a souvenir for your soul.

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A Place Of Privacy; A Place Affording Peace And Quiet

Where can you find peace, quiet, splendor, magnificence, pristine settings all at the same time? The list describes just one location – the Red Reflet Ranch in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. If you enjoy a common interest – artists and writers, boards of directors and therapists, yoga lovers and sports teams and you feel a desire to sink into a landscape that will encourage those interests, the Red Reflet Ranch is the place to come.

Acres of magnificent views and sheltered spots await you. Whether you plan the intensity of a ‘boot camp’ or the unstructured calm of contemplation, your community retreat will benefit from our wonderful surroundings. If you need the intensity of thought or the passion of action, you are welcome here.

From our Ranch staff to our beautiful herds of horses and cattle to our chickens, we all will ensure that your aspirations and interests are rewarded.

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